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Download extdlg here

HERE you find a program(zip) or exe  which makes contributing a snap! Additionaly you may need vcredist_x64.exe or vcredist_x86_sp1.exe (Microsoft-libraries for newer programs) if not already installed on your system. Alternatively download it from Micosoft .

File associations between programs and extensions are stored in the registry as you know. Now this little program looks in your registry if it can find an entry not already in the list. If so, it writes the entry into a file named 'Master.dat' You find this file in the directory where you placed extdlg.

Make some additional remarks if you wish. Send the file as email  to or .


Download the program, unzip it, put it in a directory of your choice and start it (under Vista the usual execution rights..)!

The program is tested under WIN95 - XP - Vista - Win7. Absolutely no question: full privacy guaranteed!

This little program has no installer and requires no registry entries. You can run it from a USB-stick/diskette if you like.

If you're curious what the program has found, open the file 'master.dat' with a text editor!

To avoid any unnecessary introduction of doubles the program expires every 4 weeks. Fetch a new version if the program says so.

Thank you ever so much!


Privacy issues:




Here is  a quick AppleScript that will display the file and creator type in a dialog box. 
You can use this to select the properties of a file that you wish to find info for.
You can then pass this info into the SetFile line if you wish: 

Code:	open -a /Applications/AppleScript/Script\ Editor	

Paste This: 

on run 
display dialog "Drop a file on me to get file/Creator types" with icon stop 
end run 
on open (theFiles) 
tell application "Finder" 
repeat with thisFile in theFiles 
if kind of thisFile is not equal to "Folder" then 
set theType to (file type of thisFile) as text 
set theCreator to (creator type of thisFile) as text 
set theName to (name of thisFile) as text 
if theCreator is not equal to "missing value" and theName is not equal to "missing value" then 
display dialog "Here are the file and creator types of the file " & theName default answer theType & ":" & theCreator with icon note 
display dialog theName & " has no file/creator types set." with icon note 
end if 
end if 
end repeat 
end tell 
end open 

Now save the file:
file > save as > Line Format = Application
Now Locate the file where you saved it and drop files onto it to see the record properties.

*This also works via Terminal via passing arguments to it. Example:

open -a <path to the AppleScript> foobar.txt

Send the file to .



If you're sending MAC signatures/creator codes/file types: please verify carefully the type!

Thank you ever so much!




I think you know your machine good enough. No tips for you. If you find anything not in this list, send data to .

Thank you ever so much!