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May be this collection of converters helps.

All converters are for Windows (except MacToPc and Hypermail).
Many of these tools are
command line tools*.
Why still command line tools? If you have a whole bunch of files which all must be treated in the same way it is often easier to use a command line tool, then open every file, convert it, save it in a Windows tool. There are not many Windows converters that allow multiple selections.


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Universal converter
TEXT / HTML / PS converter
CHEMISTRY converter
Physical units converter
MATH converter
MULTIMEDIA converter
Database converter
ARCHIVER / UNPACKER / Extract from archives
Converters needed in programming
Date conversion
System crossing
Other converter


Universal Converter

UNICORN the Universal Converter

This universal converter is fully programmable and suited for all simple converting pourposes. From converting charactersets (eg ASCII - UTF-8 - UNICODE ) to converting one computer language into another everything can get converted with Unicorn. Even automatic translation from one natural language into another is possible with this tool (although the languages must be very similar because there is no syntactic correction). Maximum allowed conversion pairs in Freeware version 500.000. This should be more than enough for almost all converting pourposes ( no limit in registered Pro-version). Two sorts of conversion files accepted: text and binary (zero delimited). This means that in the Freeware version of Unicorn the only not convertible character is zero. In the registered Pro-version even this limit doesn't exist. Different modes allow to distinguish eg 'own' from 'down'. This is to prevent false replacements. Knows wildcards. If switch is given recourses subdirectories. Short english help included. Simple example included.


New version!

Please send feedback if you have written a conversion file for a language converter - natural or computer. Or some other usefull convert-file. Maybe others can profit from your work too. ( language converter files can be easily produced from every dictionary file in the net! )

BTW: it should be noted that this simple approach also has drawbacks: If a word only conditionally may be replaced, if rearrangements must be taken according to some rules... Should you be interested in more complicated translations: The main difference of the Pro-version is that you can specify conditional rules when and how to apply replacements. With the aid of such rules even complicated translation operations can be performed.




a simple text to html-converter. Uses file name as html-title. Converts cr-lf-sequences.


Converting html to text may be a starting point for your conversion ideas. HTM2TXT takes the tedious work from you of eliminating all those html-tags and format the text according to the html-commands(as far as possible). Knows wildcards. So you can convert a whole bunch of files in one go. Text file name is html file name + .txt.



HTML2FO ist a converter for HTML files to the new XSL:FO format. It supports most of the usual tags. But html2fo does convert documents which are not 100 % XML conform and not 100% valid html code. html2fo is designed to produce a valid xsl:fo for using FOP from Apache.



Tired of reading the online-help? Convert any help-files to nice printing RTF-documents with this tool. List of contents and index automatically generated. Links get transformed.

download help2rtf.exe


simple Unix text file format to Windows/Dos text file format converter. Converts linefeeds to CR/LF in place

( If you already have downloaded DOS2UNIX below you don't need to download it twice.
Simply rename or copy DOS2UNIX.exe to UNIX2DOS.exe and it will do the reverse job. Magic? Not really.)



simple Windows/Dos text file format to Unix file format convention converter. Converts CR/LF to linefeeds in place.

( If you already have downloaded UNIX2DOS above you don't need to download it twice.
Simply rename or copy UNIX2DOS.exe to DOS2UNIX.exe and it will do the reverse job. Magic? Not really.)



ASCII to EBCDIC converter. Converts mainframe EBCDIC coded (text and other) files to ASCII standard used on micros. Does reverse translation if renamed to E2A. Works as filter. Use redirection chars if you input or output files!


This program is only of interest for GERMAN / SWISS / AUSTRIA / SWEDISH / DANSK / DUTCH users

Deutsch / Schwedisch / Dnisch /


Windows Characterset Umlaute und nach Dos Umlaute
Eines der meistgefragtesten Programme auf dieser Seite

(S'il y a le mme probleme en francais, dites moi!)

In-place converter! Old file = new file.

Falls Ursprungsdatei weiterhin bentigt, Sicherung anfertigen! Konvertiert in-place dh. neue Datei=alte Datei!

( Wenn Sie schon DOS2WIN heruntergeladen haben, brauchen Sie die Datei nicht nochmal herunterladen
Einfach umbenennen oder kopieren nach DOS2WIN und das Programm konvertiert nach der anderen Richtung. Magisch? Nicht wirklich.)


This program is only of interest for GERMAN /SWISS / AUSTRIA/ SWEDISH / DANSK / DUTCH users

Deutsch / Schwedisch / Dnisch /


Dos Characterset Umlaute und nach Windows Umlaute
Eines der meistgefragtesten Programme auf dieser Seite

(S'il y a le mme probleme en francais, dites moi!)

In-place converter! Old file = new file.

Falls Ursprungsdatei weiterhin bentigt, Sicherung anfertigen! Konvertiert in-place dh. neue Datei=alte Datei!

( Wenn Sie schon WIN2DOS heruntergeladen haben, brauchen Sie die Datei nicht nochmal herunterladen
Einfach umbenennen oder kopieren nach WIN2DOS und das Programm konvertiert nach der anderen Richtung. Magisch? Nicht wirklich)



Universal text filter tool. Lowercase - uppercase conversion and vice versa, tab-space and vice versa,
strip high bit, add/delete left margin, truncate long lines, delete control chars etc..



A simple man-pages(nroff) to html converter. Functions as filter. No description. Just this:
backspace/overstrikes are converted to bold.
backspace/underbar (either order) are converted to italic.
bar/backspace/dash are converted to `+' (also handle bold rendering)
bar/backspace/equals are converted to `*' (also handle bold rendering)
plus/backspace/o are converted to `o'
`<' to `&lt'; `>' to `&gt'; and `&' to `&amp'
If -u specified, compress duplicate blank lines.



A somewhat complexer man-pages to html converter. Functions as filter. Knows some more comands, translates some more formatting comands into html. With description: man file.



DOC2TXT is a Win32 console application that converts Microsoft Word document files into another document format (by default simple-text files) using the Word OLE interfaces.
The purpose of DOC2TXT is to perform the completely same operation as Word, to automate the Save As command for multiple documents. It is not a role of this program to do conversion on a system where Word is not installed. So if you are looking for some utility to hack Word documents without the creator, you may want to consider using other software such as word2x and/or wvWare.

Ver.1.5 is now (expected to be) more stable than before, would rarely leak OLE objects even if console control event was generated.



Postscript to HTML converter. Here it is. At good last. No more buggy Ghostviews.




Sometimes you only need the text part of a postscript file. This one does it (with some minor bugs..)



Command-line pdf to html converter

Pdftohtml0.31 converts Portable Document Format files to HTML. This release converts text and links. Bold and italic face are preserved. Pdftohtml v. 0.31 extracts all images including the "pdf" vector drawings as PNG or JPEG



CVTANSI converts mainframe style ANSI printer control codes into ASCII control characters. v1.02 . Mainframe and other environments use printable characters in column 1 to control printer positioning. The valid characters in column 1 are:

Download (short doc-file included)

PDB Converter

PDB Converter is a Windows application designed to create, edit, or convert between standard NSBasic/Palm-compatible PDB databases and Excel 4 or 5 worksheets, CSV files (quoted or unquoted), and text files (delimited or non-delimited). PDB Converter accommodates pure string (text) databases of up to 16384 records, 255 fields per record, and 255 characters per field. PDB Converter uses a spreadsheet interface making it ideal for creating or editing databases, and can run in "command-line" mode for unattended, automatic conversions. CSV (not PDB) files supported by MobileDB, jFile, HanDBase, Excel, Access, and other spreadsheet/database applications. PDB Converter has been tested on Windows 95/98/98SE/Me/NT/2000/XP, and works well with databases created with NSBasic/Palm, and other standard PDB files created using PalmDB.DLL , and can read most HanDBase PDB databases.



ng2html - Norton Guide to HTML Document Converter.

NG2HTML allows you to take a Norton Guide database file and convert it into a number of HTML documents. This will then allow you to view the contents of the guide with theWeb browser of your choice.
When run against a guide NG2HTML will generate a number of files (depending on the size of the guide this could be a lot of files) each containing a page from the guide. All links are generated by NG2HTML so you don't need to worry about that.
Note that by default the format of the name of the files, apart from the menu and about details, is "ng%lx.html" (you can change this in the source if you so desire) which means that on systems where you are restricted in the number of characters this restriction will affect the size of a guide you can process.



You asked for it: here it is.
If you want to convert your Wordstar files, you need Wsconv! 2 versions included, for old Wordstar and WS6-WS2000.



For all Wordstar fans: Wordstar is still alive and well! This Wordstar to HTML converter is from Sep 2000! BTW: Wordstar seems to be Freeware by now.



A text to html converter especially suited for faqs (but can be used to convert other documents too). Perl script.



Gnu versions of good old Unix streaming editor /awk . Still useful for some conversion tasks. Awk is mightier.

download doc for gawk: (there are also the sources, should you be interested)


Ever wanted to install a particular postscript font but only could find the font you are after in True Type Format? Ever asked comp.fonts for a True Type to Type 1 converter and got a List of Commercial software that doesn't run on your Operating System?

Well, this program should be the answer. Ttf2pt1 is a font converter from the True Type format (and some other formats supported by the FreeType library as well) to the Adobe Type1 format.



Free PDF converter

One of the most wanted Converters!

Convert anything simply by printing to PDF! You can convert Word documents , IE-pages or anything else simply by printing to Portable Document Format(Adobe).



For years I used a macro converter when I wanted to convert Tex-files under Dos/Windows. It has done its job more bad than anything else. This one by J.Smart works - at least in RTF-mode and with a lot of error messages, but it works. HTML-mode seems to have (sometimes?) problems. Very unusual user interface. But once your customized, it does its job.

download tex2rtf162_32.exe



XDXF (XML Dictionary Exchange Format) is a project to unite all existing open dictionaries and provide both users and developers with universal XML-based format, convertible from and to other popular formats like Mova, PtkDic, StarDict...

Since there are so many dictionaries downloadable no download link, instead Visit :




Microsoft Internet Mail to Eudora converter



Convert mbox to HTML. Hypermail is a program that takes a file of mail messages in UNIX mailbox format and generates a set of cross-referenced HTML documents.

Attention Windows users: this is a Unix-Program!
Download hypermail.tar.gz



THE chemistry converter. With (meager) manual. Knows these formats:

	alc -- Alchemy file
	prep -- AMBER PREP file
	bs -- Ball and Stick file
	bgf -- MSI BGF file
	car -- Biosym .CAR file
	boog -- Boogie file
	caccrt -- Cacao Cartesian file
	cadpac -- Cambridge CADPAC file
	charmm -- CHARMm file
	c3d1 -- Chem3D Cartesian 1 file
	c3d2 -- Chem3D Cartesian 2 file
	cssr -- CSD CSSR file
	fdat -- CSD FDAT file
	gstat -- CSD GSTAT file
	dock -- Dock Database file
	dpdb -- Dock PDB file
	feat -- Feature file
	fract -- Free Form Fractional file
	gamout -- GAMESS Output file
	gzmat -- Gaussian Z-Matrix file
	gauout -- Gaussian 92 Output file
	g94 -- Gaussian 94 Output file
	gr96A -- GROMOS96 (A) file
	gr96N -- GROMOS96 (nm) file
	hin -- Hyperchem HIN file
	sdf -- MDL Isis SDF file
	m3d -- M3D file
	macmol -- Mac Molecule file
	macmod -- Macromodel file
	micro -- Micro World file
	mm2in -- MM2 Input file
	mm2out -- MM2 Output file
	mm3 -- MM3 file
	mmads -- MMADS file
	mdl -- MDL MOLfile file
	molen -- MOLIN file
	mopcrt -- Mopac Cartesian file
	mopint -- Mopac Internal file
	mopout -- Mopac Output file
	pcmod -- PC Model file
	pdb -- PDB file
	psin -- PS-GVB Input file
	psout -- PS-GVB Output file
	msf -- Quanta MSF file
	schakal -- Schakal file
	shelx -- ShelX file
	smiles -- SMILES file
	spar -- Spartan file
	semi -- Spartan Semi-Empirical file
	spmm -- Spartan Mol. Mechanics file
	mol -- Sybyl Mol file
	mol2 -- Sybyl Mol2 file
	wiz -- Conjure file
	unixyz -- UniChem XYZ file
	xyz -- XYZ file
	xed -- XED file

The following output type codes are currently supported.

	diag -- DIAGNOTICS file
	t -- Alchemy file
	bs -- Ball and Stick file
	bmin -- Batchmin Command file
	caccrt -- Cacao Cartesian file
	cacint -- Cacao Internal file
	cache -- CAChe MolStruct file
	c3d1 -- Chem3D Cartesian 1 file
	c3d2 -- Chem3D Cartesian 2 file
	d -- ChemDraw Conn. Table file
	con -- Conjure file
	contmp -- Conjure Template file
	cssr -- CSD CSSR file
	feat -- Feature file
	fhz -- Fenske-Hall ZMatrix file
	gamin -- Gamess Input file
	gcart -- Gaussian Cartesian file
	g -- Gaussian Z-matrix file
	gotmp -- Gaussian Z-matrix tmplt file
	hin -- Hyperchem HIN file
	icon -- Icon 8 file
	i -- IDATM file
	macmol -- Mac Molecule file
	k -- Macromodel file
	micro -- Micro World file
	mi -- MM2 Input file
	mo -- MM2 Ouput file
	mm3 -- MM3 file
	mmads -- MMADS file
	mdl -- MDL Molfile file
	ac -- Mopac Cartesian file
	ai -- Mopac Internal file
	pc -- PC Model file
	p -- PDB file
	report -- Report file
	spar -- Spartan file
	mol -- Sybyl Mol file
	mol2 -- Sybyl Mol2 file
	maccs -- MDL Maccs file file
	xed -- XED file
	unixyz -- UniChem XYZ file
	x -- XYZ file

Download Babel11e for Dos/Windows.

Download OpenBabel



Units converter: convert length, volume, flow, force, pressure, speed, angle,area, temperature,speed, torque, time.........

download convert.exe


The NC is a free, open source, platform-independent software to convert units. It converts numbers with a precision of up to 1000 significant figures. It supports more than 3200 units in 82 categories, and it has been localized in 7 languages.

download 1.6.0/



The package converts a MathCAD 6 document into a Mathematica 3.0 /Mathreader 3.0 (or other compatibles) notebook. While this is intended primarily to convert the content and not the evaluation of MathCAD documents, some simple operations may run unchanged in Mathematica.

The aim is to create a document that is as visually close as possible to the original document, deviating from this only when it is not possible or when the result is easier to convert into Mathematica syntax by making changes.Some of the fundamental design decisions behind Mathematica and MathCAD are very different. For this reason the document cannot be made to look and behave exactly as in its original MathCAD form.


Matlab to html converter

Perl source file. You need a perl interpreter to run.



Mathematica-to-Maple Converter


Mathematica Symbolic Toolbox for MATLAB

A symbolic toolbox that provides MATLAB users with all of the superior symbolic and high-precision numeric capabilities of Mathematica. It uses the MathLink communication standard supplied with Mathematica and the MEX facility of MATLAB. In addition, since MathLink can pass native MATLAB matrices (and not just strings) between Mathematica and MATLAB, it is quick and easy to construct matrices in either system and pass them to the other. One can freely mix Mathematica code and MATLAB code without the bother of writing M-files to convert matrices into strings and back. The Mathematica Symbolic Toolbox for MATLAB is implemented as a single MEX-file and the source code is included.

download matlab2math.tar.Z (163 Kb)

Mathematica Expression to Matlab m-file Converter

The functions in this package provide an automated way of generating Matlab m-files from Mathematica expressions.

download (12 Kb)

MapleConverter 0.95

This package is designed to support the conversion of Maple expressions, simple worksheets, and procedures into Mathematica notebooks.

download (49 Kb)


Roman converts roman numberset to numeric numbers and vice versa. Roman decides by the numbers input in which direction the conversion has to take place.


Multimedia has moved, click here for MULTIMEDIA hier clicken fr Multimedia, cliqu ici pour Multimedia



dbase dbf to html converter



Access etc to html converter(very short description)



Convert Sdf files to dbase III+ dbf files

download sdf2dbf


Text to .mdb converter. Very short description.



Foxpro to dbase/clipper format conversion


Framemaker to HTML

This time a whole site with tools to convert from Framemaker to Html. But most of these tools are for Unix. Perl scripts.

DB Converter

is a windows based application that converts (at the moment) database structure from MS Access to Oracle and PostgreSQL compatible SQL. It will also convert to MySQL compatible SQL with the added options of converting to a PHP script.

download (very early version)


If you are interested in a universal Windows database converter, write: (no sorry,this one is not Freeware)



Info Zips free alternative to Winzip
with Diff, editor, etc..

download wiz503xn.exe (selfextracting archiv)


Shell archives are seldom used these days, nevertheless sometimes you need even on DOS/Windows
an unshar utility. With man page.



Despite the many Windows programs which are able to extract tar archives by now you always need a good command line utilty to automate the process of de-taring many tar archives in one go. One of the few Dos/Windows tars which is able to handle long file names ( and convert illegal characters and handle multiple new dirs and handle wildcards and...). This one needs no command line switches if used to un-tar. Knows wildcards: you can untar a whole directory in one action! If file is gziped, archive gets decompressed prior to unarchiving. Can handle tar, tar.gz and tgz and taz files and gz files. Quiet operation, only in case of errors you get a message or if a filename is changed to accomodate Dos/Windows conventions. Only tar in the net which automatically appends suffix if files would overwrite otherwise (case or other ambiguities...). And tmk the only untar utility which knows how to handle wildcards. The "filename changed" message is formed so that it can be used for a batch file or for makefile changes if redirected to a file. If not archive, unzips only. Tested with tarballs >30MB.

No more problems with wildcards! Uses proprietary wildcard expander now.



UPX is a new compression format for DOS/Windows executables. If its true what the authors claim,
UPX compresses better and decompresses faster than zip. With html/doc description. Must have.


BZIP2 / Bunzip2

Bzip is mostly used in the Unix field but sometimes you may encounter a .bz2 file. Must have.

Download bzip2-100-x86-win32.exe

Gzip / Gunzip

Mostly used in combination with tar as .tar.gz or .taz. If you don't have Detar you must have this one.

If you have got an old version of Gzip: this version of Gzip can handle long file names!



Sometimes still needed

download arj32.exe


If you need to decompress .lzh files

download lha255e.exe



Still got some 8080 code in the attic? Convert it with this tool!



This is a tool for batch-converting BMP and SHG images from one format to the other, and it does the job in a very dramatic fashion. The conversions can be done in SHED but the job is tedious for long lists of files. So the converter depends on SHED to do the actual work. What this "shell" does is eliminate the legwork by sending keystrokes to SHED for each file to be processed so you can simply sit back and watch the fireworks. It converts an entire directory full of BMPs or SHGs in one pass, and with a couple of safety features to preserve any existing files you may have in the directory which are of the target format. We' ve included MVSHED13.EXE, the SHED included with the MediaView development kit, with this distribution. The MVSHED13.EXE version of SHED supports exporting of SHGs to bitmaps or metafiles and also saves images without resolution information, which as you' ll learn in BATCHSHG's helpfile is a good reason for using the converter routinely in all your projects. It' s here in case you don' t have SHED2.EXE, a more popular SHED variant which also supports export of images.



Converts cpp source to html with syntax high-lighting



Converts java source to html with syntax high-lighting



Phyton to C translator. Covers 95 percent of Python language features. (remaining 5% seldom needed: restricted execution mode and switching threads every n instructions are not supported)



This used to be a very usefull tool till Turbo Pascal 6. Only included here if someone still has old sources.



If you're doin math or need exotic functions you still need a tool to convert those old Fortran sources. (or you're simply an old math freak like me.)(If anyone knows of a newer Blas/Lapack implementation in C, please tell me!)




Hey Bill, tired of Basic? Try this Basic to Pascal converter. Converts .bas (does not convert frm or .cls files).



C to Pascal converter. Don't know why anyone should like to convert this way. But anyway, here it is.
(I know I am ignorant)



Not a true converter, but fits this collection. Formats your C or CPP code to whatever your preferences are. Still needed since MSDEV reformatter has from time to time some strange blackouts. Severe bug: has even more comand line switches then ls.




Convert dates between julian, gregorian, hebrew, islamic and ISO-dates (european date format)


System to System



Everyone who works with Windows knows the problem: when you're upploading your files to a Unix-server some files get found, some not. The problem lies in Windows/Dos case insensitivy. Wild mingling of uppercase and lowercase letters confuses Unix. Even if you try to use only lowercase, some bad boys, especially Zip, Winzip etc always put uppercae letters in your filenames. This is where "lower"comes in: run it in the directory you want to upload and it changes all uppercase file names to lowercase. So you only have to type all links in lowercase and the problem is gone.

NOTE: Even if you're lucky enough that your server does find false case files (does look up all possibilities) you can save your visitors a lot of time (and get a lot less "redirected requests" in your log-files) if you're using "Lower".



Mac to Pc filename converter

download mactopc.hqx


Dos to Mac filename converter


Unix2Dos / Unix2Win / Dos2Unix / Win2Unix

See above under text tools

(converter that don't fit any other category)


With this tool you can import Netscape bookmarks into Microsoft Internet Explorer or export Microsoft Internet Explorers Favorites to Netscape Bookmarks(IE after version5 has this built in).

Download favtool.exe


Comand Line: See start/programs/ command line.
Why command line? If you have a whole bunch of files which all must be treated in the same way it is often easier to use a command line tool, then open every file, convert it, save it in a Windows tool. There are not many Windows converters that allow multiple selections. Here is a wildcard expander for programs which cannot expand wildcards by themselves (knows no long filenames, if I find time I write a new one).

Filter: Filter programs have no built-in file-IO. If you don't want to input data by hand(which is seldom the case) filter programs work in conjunction with the redirection operators > <. Files which should be input are redirected by < , files which shall serve as output are redirected with >.
Example: Filter <inputfile >outputfile.

In-place converter: in- and out- file(name) are same. Example dos2win/win2dos: dos2win yourtext.txt. After applying command yourtext.txt has changed all occurences of DOS-Umlauts to WIN-Umlauts.

Wildcard: * or ?. Many comand line programs can handle wildcards. This means you can convert all text-files in a directory, all tiff-pictures, all bmp-pictures, all html-files with one single command. (Some programs even are able to recurse subdirs, thus converting files in a whole tree!).
Example: convert *.tiff *.tga.

Not found what you searched? Look here. But most converters on this site are Unix/Linux tools.

All converters on this page Freeware of my own production or Freeware/Shareware of the net.

Please respect the Shareware idea!

If you have written a Freeware/Shareware converter program that should be in this collection tell me!

If you know of any Freeware converter that fits this collection tell me!

If you have questions or suggestions write . But please accept that I can't answer all emails, there are simply too many.



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