On this page you'll find from time to time some usefull file utilities - normally part of "Director" the file and folder explorer which is once again downloadable here soon.


File Utils


Find doubles files and directories

There are many double file finders in the net with differing comfort. Some operate quick some slow. Some cost a lot of money, some are free. If it comes to finding double directories or folders or whole subtrees which are identical on two drives the choice narrows. If it comes to finding a double file finder which is extremely fast on todays huge hard disks only one or two programs rest as choice in the whole internet. ( seems I should mention that my system comprises more than 10 TB hardisk space right now. These are extremely hard to manage without the tools which are downloadable from this site from time to time now.).


The here downloadable Finddoubles is extremely fast: it compares two harddisks with 200GB each with 1 million files on each one in 10 minutes (if less than 100 identical short files are found on the drives and the files are already cached in the disk-cache so that reading can be neglected). With 2000 medium sized identical files it takes less than 20 minutes to scan the drives. If there are more than 10.000 identical items it takes appropriate more time. Another measurement took on 2 drives with 500GB each 30 minutes for a complete run.


As said, double file finders you find thousands in the net. But with todays huge harddisks it makes less and less sense to search for double files, what you really want to know is if there are whole directories or even whole trees of directories which are identical on two drives. This gives you back a lot of additional space on the drives.


As a special option you may even search for files which are identical although their names are different. Say you have renamed a whole bunch of photos and don't remember where the original photos are stored. With this option in FindDoubles it is an easy task to find your original photos.


Double folders are only searched when option1 is selected: search doubles on drive1/drive2!


You can save the result of the search to a text file which is editable in all ways you want, so that after renaming to a batch file you can delete the found ´files/folders, move them etc.


Btw: the speed at which files are read in is only determined by your harddisks.....


Tested under XP, Vista and Windows 7.

download Finddoubles here (version No installer! Load it in a directory of your choice!

You need vcredist-x86 or 64! Use FindDoubles at your own risk!






Copy files: RCopy

Windows Explorer is sometimes rather unhandy when it comes to copying files: while drag&drop is for unexperienced users for sure a very easy to handle option to copy or move files, the problems start if you want to copy files from one folder of a drive to a different named folder on the same drive with same depth or want to copy only certain files, eg picture files, only text files, only data base files, only files of a certain date, or files after a certain date....


With RCopy you can give a file mask similar to the file mask in cmd-prompt (wildcards). You can thus copy only "*.jpg" files, only "*.txt" files, even "*.txt?" files  while leaving other files in the same folder untouched. ("*.txt?" copies all text files with ".txt"-extension with one appended letter or number.)

Attention: RCopy uses the syntax of "xcopy" (windows cmd-program): the source folder name is not copied to destination! So if you want to copy from c:\myfiles to d:\myfiles you have to specify this in the dest-editbox.

You can select the starting date or ending date for the files to copy or select if subdirs should be copied or not.


The option "Convert to Fat rules" may be useful to you if you haven't formated your USB-Stick in NTFS (how to do this is described on another page of this site). There are always cases where certain files can't be copied from NTFS to FAT-USB-Sticks, especially if the file name is near the upper limit in length, contains control chars and the names differ only in few chars. Many conversions are tried in this case if a file is absolutely not to copy by RCopy. A log file in the folder of the copied files tells you what modifications were necessary to get the file copied or if a fatal error occured (file couldn't be copied).



XP,  Windows 7 und Vista tested!

Download RCopy  (Version No installer! Store RCopy in a folder of your choice! On desktop select new and then link and insert the fill path to  RCopy .

You need  vcredist-x86 or 64!

No liability in case of deleted files ! Use RCopy at your own risk!




Chelsea (aka ShellSee)

Versatile File commander / File and Folder explorer

with drag&drop ability or copy/move dialog, bulk rename, compress/uncompress, search file and in file, touch, attribute, show file as picture,text,html,hex...

and many many more functions...

will be downloadable soon here again

(folder tree view smoothened)


You can change the appearance of Chelsea the way you want


Or if you like a black skin more, select Office 2007 style, "black"