If you wondered that YOUR updates never appeared on this site...

Some recent observations give reason for supposing that my mail has been filtered since quite a while. Seems I got to change my email provider...









History of this site


This site used to be www,file-ext,com** (mirror of another site of mine:  www.icdatamaster,com*) both of which I gave up due to health problems in 2006. From then on the site had for nearly 4 years the usual parked domain content (=no content and all links dead. See Then, when I reopened the site in Jan 2010 under the new address suddenly my old - inactive and parked - site had my copyrighted content.


 The intention is clear: The guy  who has bought my old site name  and who hides behind an anonymous address is not interested in the content of the site, his only interest is that I shall buy back my old site name. In other words: I shall pay for my own work that I invested in this site from the very beginning! Which I surely won't do.

*semikolon used with intent: I don't want to drive visitors to these parked sites after all!

**The host of this site refused to remove the content because of formal juristical arguments.



Internally this list approaches 20.000 entries. They are uploadeed as soon as this site has its old visitor count again, making this site again by far the biggest file extension site of the net. You can help by linking to this site or by telling your friends or other people that icdatamaster,com is now



As an intriguing fact I note since quite some time from my server log files that most internet users surf with very antiquated settings: the browser cache settings of most visitors to this site are still set as usual in modem connection times, which means a big cache. This is antiquated since most internet surfers today are connected via DSL and it means today only a minimal longer load time of html pages if the cache is set to zero. On the negative side it means that 99% of the visitors of my sites don't see actual pages but pages which are at least one month old if not older. So half of the net (the most actual pages) passes unseen by most surfers.


The converter page is online again with many new converters.