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Universal dump utility for non-destructive dump/list/string search etc

N = cygwin man file
N64 = Nintento 64® Emulation ROM Image
NA2 = Netscape Communicator addressbook
NAA = MSNBC News alert advertising data
NAB = Netscape Communicator addressbook
NAC = MSNBC News alert channel data
NaCl = (MAC FILE_TYPE) NameCleaner
NAD = Noder File (Polish)
NAH = Xsysfile
NAI = Xsysfile
NAK = Audio file
NAL = NimbleGen Array Layout for ArrayScribe(TM) -
NAM = Sheffield dictionary file
NAN = Nanoscope File
NAP = Mime: image/naplps
NAP = NAPLPS Vector image metafile (VideoShow/EnerGraphics)
NAPLPS = Mime: image/naplps
NAPLPS = North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax = Vector image
NaPr = (MAC FILE_TYPE) NameCleaner Prefs File
NAS = Xsys file
NAV = AirNav image format
NAV = Ms Network component
NAV = MSN Application Extension
NAVIONICS = GPS chart format
NB = Mime: application/mathematica
NB = Nota Bene text document
NB = Notebook (Corel WordPerfect tbv)
NBA = Nba game data
NBI = NBBACKUPType open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Ahead\Nero BackItUp\backitup.exe" "%1"
NBI = NewsbinPro.Document open with: %Applications%\newsbin\nbpro.exe "%1"
NBI = NewsbinPro.Document open with: %Root%\Tools\NewsBin5\nbpro.exe "%1"
NBR = Number
NBT = NeroBackItUp.Files7.nbt open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 7\Nero BackItUp\BackItUp.exe" "%1"
NC = Instructions for Numerical Control machine (CAMS)
NC = Mime: application/x-netcdf
NC = Preprosessed GOC source : non-error-checking (GEOS)
NC = Unidata netCDF Graphics
NC? = FLASHGET downloader incomplete download
NC_ = NeroBackItUp.Files7.nc_ open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 7\Nero BackItUp\BackItUp.exe" "%1"
NCB = Class browsing information (Ms Developer Studio)
NCC = CNC (Computer Numeric Control) control file (CamView 3D)
Ncch = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Internet Cache
NCD = CoverDesigner image format
NCD = Norton Change Directory (disk directory information)
NCF = NetWare configuration = STARTUP.NCF
NCH = MS Outlook Express Email Tree
NCLK = Mime: text/html
NCM = Mime: application/
NCM = Nokia Communicator configuration message
NCO = NBCOMPRESSType open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Ahead\Nero BackItUp\nbr.exe" "%1"
NCO = NeroBackItUp.Files7.nco open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 7\Nero BackItUp\BackItUp.exe" "%1"
NCP = Nhl Ice Hockey 2002 user nhlcards file
NCR = NCR Image image format
NCS = Netscape Conference Call file
NCSA = Bitmap image (Hierarchical Data File) (NCSA)
NCT = CoverDesigner Template image format
NCW = NeroCoverDesigner.Files7.ncw open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 7\Nero CoverDesigner\CoverDes.exe" "%1"
NDA = NeroBackItUp.Files7.nda open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 7\Nero BackItUp\BackItUp.exe" "%1"
NDB = Mime: x-lml/x-ndb
NDB = Network database (Intellicom/Compex)
NDE = EnDe_Encrypt_Decrypt open with: "%root%\ende_binary\EnDe.exe"-path:"%1"
NDF = NimbleGen Design File
NDL = Inmos hardware network description file
NDL = Lotus Notes data
NDL = Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
NDL = Nodelist file
NDO = 3D Low-polygon Modeler
ndrv = (MAC FILE_TYPE) System Driver
NDSIS = Injury Surveillance Data Exchange specification
NDX = dBase Index (generally database index)
NED = MSN Application Extension
NEF = Nikon Electronic Image Format
NEG = NtRegEdit.File special configuration file for application(binary format)
NEO = Atari NeoChrome bitmap image
NERO_SCOUT_VIDEO = NeroScoutVideo special configuration file for application(binary format)
NES = Nintendo Entertainment System ROM Image
NET = gen. Network configuration/info file
NETCDF = Scientific data NETwork Common Data Format
NEU = gen. german new
NEW = New info
NEWS = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Newsgroup f
NEWS = NeWS bitmap image
NEZ = Emulator file used for game consoles (NES)
NF = Cvip nf_help file
NFD_AUDIO = NFDAudio special configuration file for application(binary format)
NFD_DATA = NFDData special configuration file for application(binary format)
NFF = Haines Neutral File Format and WorldToolkit minimal 3D scene description language
NFG = Newsbin config file
NFO = MsInfo document
NFO = Netware Folio help format
NFT = Netobjects fusion Netobjects System file
NFX = Netobjects fusion Components Bbscomp file
NG = Norton guide online documentation database
NGB = Nonogram puzzle
NGD = NimbleGen Gene Description
NGG = Nokia Group Graphics image format
NGL = Sheffield dictionary file
NGO = NG linker object ( = NGML)
NGP = NimbleGen Project
NGS = NG compiler source ( = NGC)
NHF = Nero HFS-CD Compilation
NHL = Nhl Ice Hockey game 2002 user teams file
NI = Netobjects fusion Preview file
NIB = Corel Graphics10 Photopoint file
NICK = NICKFile special configuration file for application(binary format)
NIF = Binary hardware network initialisation file
NIF = Mime: application/x-nif
NIF = Mime: image/x-niff
NIF = NIFF Navy Image File Format (bitmap) graphics interchange format
NIFF = Bitmap image (Navy Interchange File Format)
NIFF = Mime: image/x-niff
NIL = Norton Icon Library file
NimbleGen ArrayScribe = NimbleGen Array Layout Editor
NIST = Audio (short ints,mono,NIST header:1024 byte, used in TIMIT)
NITF = National Imagery Transmission Format
NIX = Mime: application/x-mix-transfer
NIX = REF file
NJI = NBJOBType open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Ahead\Nero BackItUp\nbj.exe" "%1"
NJI = NeroBackItUp.Files7.nji open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 7\Nero BackItUp\BackItUp.exe" "%1"
NJT = NeroBackItUp.Files7.njt open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 7\Nero BackItUp\BackItUp.exe" "%1"
NJX = NJStar Document
NK2 = NICKFile special configuration file for application(binary format)
NL = Norton Desktop Icon Library
NL_ = WIN32S compressed file
NLB = Game: colin Mc Rae car race Network Leader boards file
NLM = Nokia animations screen
NLM = Nokia Logo File image format
NLM = Novell Netware Loadable Module
NLP = Newsletter Profi 2001
NLS = Character Translation; National Language Services driver (font or font map)
NLS = Mime: text/nls
NLU = Norton Live Update E-Mail Trigger file
NLX = FormWorx form
NMD = NeroBurningROM.Files7.nmd open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 7\Core\nero.exe" "%1"
NMD = NeroBurningROM.Files8.nmd open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero Core\nero.exe" "%1"
NMEA = GPS protocol(0183) send and receive waypoints + other data
NMGF = 2d Graphic
NMK = Oc2.316s cakit file
NML = Mime: application/vnd.enliven
NML = News Markup Language
NMP = Neopaint Mask image format
NMS = Numega Softice's Loader File (includes debugging info)
NMW = T126_Whiteboard, open with: NetMeeting wb32.exe
NMZ = Mime: application/x-scream
NND = Mime: application/vnd.noblenet-directory
NNS = Mime: application/vnd.noblenet-sealer
NNTP = (MAC FILE_TYPE) NewsWatcher
NNW = Mime: application/vnd.noblenet-web
NOA = movie file from japanese cell phone
NOD = Netobjects fusion nodes file
NOI = Tgif-3.0 file
NOISERUN = NoiseRunner format
NOL = Nokia Operator Logo image format
NON = NONogram puzzle
NOT = NOTation or NOTe
NOTE = WordPerfect for Mac help document
NOTEWORTHY = Noteworthy 2 File Format
notz = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Stickies
NOVs = (MAC FILE_TYPE) NetWare Control Center
NOW = UN-HTML15 file
NP = Project schedule (Nokia Planner) (Visual Planner 3.x)
NP? = Sound
NPD = Noder File (Polish)
npdt = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Note Pad File
npdt = (MAC FILE_TYPE) NotePad
NPF = NTI Backup
NPI = Source for DGEN.EXE interpreter (dBASE Application Generator)
NPM = Corel Graphics10 Draw media lines file
NPS = Lotus Agenda File
NPX = Mime: application/x-netfpx
Nqst = (MAC CREATOR CODE) SoundEdit 16 v.2
NR3 = NeroBurningROM.Files7.nr3 open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 7\Core\nero.exe" "%1"
NR3 = NeroBurningROM.Files8.nr3 open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero Core\nero.exe" "%1"
NR4 = NeroBurningROM.Files7.nr4 open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 7\Core\nero.exe" "%1"
NR4 = NeroBurningROM.Files8.nr4 open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero Core\nero.exe" "%1"
NRA = Nero Audio-CD Compilation
NRB = Nero CD-ROM Boot Compilation
NRC = NeroBurningROM.Files7.nrc open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 7\Core\nero.exe" "%1"
NRC = NeroBurningROM.Files8.nrc open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero Core\nero.exe" "%1"
NRD = NeroBurningROM.Files7.nrd open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 7\Core\nero.exe" "%1"
NRD = NeroBurningROM.Files8.nrd open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero Core\nero.exe" "%1"
NRF = Bitmap image (Neutral Raster File)
NRG = Nero -Burning Rom (CD-burn image)
NRH = Nero Hybrid CD-ROM Compilation
NRI = Nero - Burning Rom (CD-burner software) file
NRJ = NeroBurningROM.Files8.nrj open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero Core\nero.exe" "%1"
NRJ = NeroExpress.Files7.nrj open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 7\Core\nero.exe" "%1"
NRM = Nero Mixed-Mode-CD Compilation
NRS = NeroBurningROM.Files7.nrs open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 7\Core\nero.exe" "%1"
NRS = NeroBurningROM.Files8.nrs open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero Core\nero.exe" "%1"
NRT = Nokia RingTone
NRU = Nero UDF/ISO CD-ROM Compilation
NRV = Nero Video-CD Compilation
NRW = open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 7\Core\nero.exe" "%1"
NRW = open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero Core\nero.exe" "%1"
NS2 = Lotus Notes data
NS2 = Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
NS3 = Lotus Notes data
NS3 = Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
NS4 = Lotus Notes Database
NS4 = Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
NSA = Winamp.File open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Winamp\winamp.exe" "%1"
NSA = Winamp.File open with: %ProgramFiles%\VIDEOLAN\VLC\vlc.exe %1
NSB_SEARCH_MORE = NSBSearch special configuration file for application(binary format)
NSC = Noder File (Polish)
NSC = Mime: application/x-conference
NSD = Norton System Doctor Configuration
NSF = Lotus Notes data
NSF = Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
NSG = Lotus Notes data
NSG = Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
NSH = Lotus Notes data
NSH = Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
NSI = Symantec Shared file
NSL = Nokia Logo File
NSO = NetStudio Easy Web Graphics File
NSPL = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape Plug-i
NSS = Norton ScreenSaver module (NC - NDW Screen Saver)
NST = Lotus Notes Template
NST = NoiseTracker music module, originaly Amiga
NSV = Winamp.File open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Winamp\winamp.exe" "%1"
NSV = Winamp.File open with: %ProgramFiles%\VIDEOLAN\VLC\vlc.exe %1
NSX = Compound index file of uccessWare SIX 3.00
NT = Windows NT startup files
NT0 = Adressmn file
NT1 = Adressmn file
NT2 = Adressmn file
NT3 = Adressmn file
NT_ = VFW compressed file
NTF = Lotus Notes database template
NTF = Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
NTH = Imagemagick-5.3.2 Visualmagick jbig file
NTP = Mediaface Design Software Image Library v1.2
NTR = NetRun executable ascii text file
NTS = NetSend executable ascii text file
NTS = Norton tutorial
NTX = Clipper database index
NTZ = InVircible antivirus blueprint
NU4 = Norton Utilities Dll root file
NU6 = Norton utility system Dll file
NUF = Procomm Plus Message for new users on their 1st call
NUL = Ccs-lib.2 Acs file
NULL = NULL image
NUM = Dos7 file
NURBS = 3d Graphic /spatial data
NUT = Lucas Arts Animation
NVC = NeroVision.Document open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Ahead\NeroVision\NeroVision.exe" "%1"
NVC = NeroVision.Document open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Nero\Nero 7\Nero Vision\NeroVision.exe" "%1"
NVD = Aolpress Help file
NVD = Mime: application/x-navidoc
NVM = Aolpress Help file
NVM = Mime: application/x-navimap
NVR = PerceivedType text
NW3 = Netware.3x file
NW4 = Netware.4x file
NW_ = Midiprg Noteworthy compressed file
NWC = Noteworthy Composer Song File
NWS = Internet News Message text or HTM
NWS = Mime: message/rfc822
NWUt = (MAC FILE_TYPE) NetWare Tools
nX^2 = (MAC CREATOR CODE) WriteNow 3
nX^2 = (MAC FILE TYPE) Write Now 3 file
nX^2 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) WriteNow 3
nX^d = (MAC FILE TYPE) Write Now 2 file
nX^d = (MAC FILE_TYPE) WriteNow Document
nX^n = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Write Now v. 3
nX^n = (MAC CREATOR CODE) WriteNow 2
nX^n = (MAC FILE TYPE) WriteNow 2
nX^n = (MAC FILE TYPE) WriteNow 3
nX__ = (MAC FILE_TYPE) WriteNow 4 Document
NXT = Next Font
NXT = Sound (NeXT format)
NYM = Sheffield dictionary file
NZ = Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
NZB = BinTube.nzb special configuration file for application(binary format) BinTube.backup NewsBin.NZB
nzht = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Hotline Client Data

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Universal dump-utility for non-destructive dump/list/search string etc

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