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Universal dump utility for non-destructive dump/list/string search etc

S = Assembler source code Unix
S = Mime: text/x-asm
S = Modula-3 foreign assembly source
S = MultiEdit macro source
S = Scheme language source
S = Source code (non-PC platforms/Unix)
S#+A = (MAC FILE TYPE) Rag Time 2 text file
S#+D = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Rag Time 2
S$$ = Sprint temporary sort
S01 = WordPerfect Distribution File
S02 = WordPerfect Distribution File
S03 = WordPerfect Distribution File
S08 = wisosparbuch2008file open with: "%ProgramFiles%\WISO\Sparbuch 2008\wiso2008.exe" "%1"
S09 = wisosparbuch2009file open with: "%Applications%\WisoSpar2009\wiso2009.exe" "%1"
S19 = Motorola EEPROM programming
S1K = S1000 Simnet format
S2 = Motorola S-record format
S2P = Sonnet File
S3 = Motorola S-record format
S31 = audio module
S330 = sound file
S3D = Micrografx Simply 3D Project
S3I = Sample file (Digiplayer/ST3)
S3M = Digiplayer Sample File
S3M = Mime: audio/s3m
S3M = Mime: audio/x-mod
S3M = Scream Tracker III music (16 channels)
S3R = Rtl Ski Jump replay file
S3Z = Mime: audio/x-mod
S50 = sound file
S550 = sound file
S57 = vector image ( "International Hydrographic Organization's" )
s6BN = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Word 6 Template
s8BN = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Word 98 Template
S_S = Eru/erd file
SA = System Sa51swe file
SA2 = Suprise! adlib tracker music module.
SACM = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Spelling File
SAD = Lucas Arts sound file
SAF = Spatial Archive Interchange Format
SAIF = Spatial Archive Interchange Format, same as SAF
SAL = Database Program; SQL Application Language
SAL = SORITEC datafile
SAM = Ami Professional document(Samna/Lotus Ami, Ami Pro)
SAM = Mime: application/vnd.lotus-wordpro
SAM = MS Office 97 File Converter (DLL)
SAM = SAMple file
SAM = Sound Sample
SAMPLE = WADigital ReportMagic file
SAMPLEDOC = MDIDOCVIEW.Document special configuration file for application(binary format)
SAMPLEFORM = FormEditor.Document special configuration file for application(binary format)
SAN = LUCAS arts: The Curse of Monkey Island Movie File
SAP = hyperbanner: Java animation
SAR = SAR compressed file archive
SAR = Saracen Paint image format
SAS = SAS source code file (VMS)
SAT = ACIS 2D/3D : Vector graphics / CAD
SAV = SAVed backup/configuration data
SAV = SAVed game situation (eg. NetHack)
SAVE = Game Salt Lake city 2002 file
SAVEME = Mime: application/octet-stream
SAY = Sound data 1 bit
SAZ = Fiddler.ArchiveZip open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Fiddler2\Fiddler.exe" "%1"
SB = 8bit sound data : Raw Signed PCM Byte format
SB = Audio file (Signed Byte)
SB! = Superbase : Locking file
SB_ = Creativ compressed Sb16 sbide file
SBBUGREPORT = SBBugReport.Document open with: APPLOCalize.EXE
SBC = Smart Book compiled distribution file
SBCM = SBCMFILE open with: "%Applications%\SlimBrowser\sbrowser.exe" %1
SBD = Storyboard Editor data file
SBE = Spybot Excludes file
SBF = Superbase 95 File
SBGLOSSARY = SBGlossary.Document open with: APPLOCalize.EXE
SBI = Sound; Creative labs SoundBlaster instrument
SBIG = Santa Barbara Instruments Astronomical Image (Bitmap graphics)
SBJ = Clipart Index; Micrografx Clipart or Palette
SBJB = SBJBFILE open with: "%Applications%\SlimBrowser\sbrowser.exe" %1
SBK = Asymetrics ToolBook System Book
SBK = Creative Labs Soundfont 1.0 Bank file
SBK = Mime: application/x-tbook
SBK = Mime: audio/x-sbk
SBK = Multimedia Subject/book?, Metatec Corp.
sbkt = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ScrapBook
sbkt = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Scrapbook File
SBL = Shockwave Flash object
SBL = Stone Brook Pascal library
SBM = Image .LBM
SBN = ArcView : spatial index for read-write shapefiles
SBP = Dml program (Superbase 4)
SBQ = Superbase : Query definition file
SBR = Source Browser for BSCMAKE (source for .bsc)
SBS = Spybot Includes file
SBT = Suberbase 4 Windows notes related to record
SBV = Superbase Form definition file
SBW = Smart Book file
SBX = Adobe Illustrator Tsume
SC = Ingres Embedded SQL/C Source File
SC = Framework II display driver
SC = Mime: application/x-showcase
SC = Paradox PAL script
SC = SciTex Continuous Tone image format
SC$ = Modem Bitware Fax disk1 file
SC1 = Simcity
SC2 = Ms Schedule+ 7.x export
SC2 = Msx 2 Screen image format
SC2 = SimCity2000 file
SC2000 = Sim city 2000 dos tileset file
SC3 = Harvard Graphics 3.x screen device driver
SC3 = Renamed dBASE III screen mask file (dBASE IV)
SC3 = SimCity3000 file
SC4 = RollerCoaster Tycoon Scenario
SC? = Image ColoRix (? = resolution)(EGA Paint)
SCA = SCA datafile
SCAN = Thunderscan image file
scav = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Disk First Aid
SCB = Scribble.Document open with: SCRIBBLE.EXE /dde
SCC = MSX ( = MicroSoft eXtended home computer) bitmap image
SCC = Source code control file; programming project file management
SCD = Matrix/Imapro SCoDL film recorder (SCODL = Scan Conversion Object Description Language)
SCD = Mime: application/x-msschedule
SCD = Ms Schedule+ 7.x contacts
SCE = SoftCuisine Data Exchange File
SCENE = Sculpt 3D/4D 3D object (Amiga)
SCF = ScoreMaker multimedia show
SCF = Symphony spelling checker configuration
SCF = Windows Explorer Shell Command File
SCG = Bitmap image (ColoRIX)
SCH = Project schedule (Schedule Publisher/Ms Schedule+)
SCH = Scheme (P CAD/Orcad)
SCHAKAL = Schakal chemical modeller input file
Schd = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Email Schedul
SCHEMAS = Amaya config file
SCI = Scitex Continuous Tone (CT2T) bitmap image/Fax
SCI = System Configuration Information
SCITEX = Scitex Continuous Tone (CT) CMYK color images and grayscale images
SCM = Lotus ScreenCam Movie
SCM = Mime: application/vnd.lotus-screencam
SCM = Mime: application/x-lotusscreencam
SCM = Mime: text/x-script.guile
SCM = Mime: text/x-script.scheme
SCM = Mime: video/x-scm
SCM = Scheme language source code file
SCN = Calgari trueSpace2 File Format
SCN = Kermit screen dump or file
SCN = Minolta SCeNe file
SCN = Visual Basic
SCNE = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Infini-D Scene
SCO = CSOUND score project files
SCO = SCOre (best results in games)
SCODL = Bitmap image (Agfa slide file)
SCP = BITCOM script
SCP = ColoRIX bitmap image
SCP = Microsoft Dial-Up Networking Script
SCP = Mime: text/plain
SCR = fax image
SCR = Screen dump/tbv
SCR = Screen font
SCR = Sun Raster Images image format
SCR = Windows screensaver
scri = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Extension
SCRIPT = Win Help related file
SCRN = (MAC FILE_TYPE) StartUpScreen
SCS = ScreenCam Script; Lotus
scsi = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Apple HD Setup
SCT = FoxPro additional (FPT) screen description file
SCT = Mime: text/scriptlet
SCT = SciTex Continuous Tone bitmap image
SCT = Windows Script Component
SCT01 = SAS catalog (Unix)
SCU = ColoRIX bitmap image
SCV = Winphone connection file
SCX = Chart (Stanford Chart)
SCX = ColoRIX bitmap image
SCX = FoxPro main (DBF) screen description file
SCX = MS Class Browser form
SCY = ReaGeniX security file
SCZ = Wingz data
SD = Entropic Sound Data format : Audio
SD0 = Dali Raw image/tbv
SD1 = Dali Raw image/tbv
SD2 = Dali Raw image/tbv
SD2 = Sound Designer 2 file
SD_ = Audio Utility Midimach compressed file
SDA = Software Distribution Network file archive description
SDB = SideKick 2 Database
sDBN = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Word 4/5 Template
SDC = StarOffice StarCalc Spreadsheet
SDD = StarOffice StarImpress Presentation
SDE = Drumbeat (Internet application) exported data
sdev = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Control Strip Module
SDF = MDL Isis SDF chemical modeller input file
SDF = Mime: application/e-score
SDF = Mime: chemical/x-mdl-sdf
SDF = Source Definition File (Sourcer)
SDF = System Data Format file (fixed lenght ascii text)
SDG = Star Office Gallery image format
SDI = QuickBooks; Data
SDI = Software Distribution Network Info file
SDI = Super Data Interchange
SDK = Roland S-550/S-50/W-30 Disk Image
SDL = Alias Wavefront Scene Description Language
SDL = Paradox
SDL = Parsys hardware network description file
SDL = SmartDraw Library
SDM = VisualStudio.sdm.9.0 open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe" /dde PerceivedType text PerceivedType text Content Type text/plain
SDMDOCUMENT = VisualStudio.sdmdocument.9.0 open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe" /dde PerceivedType text PerceivedType text Content Type text/plain
SDML = Mime: text/plain
SDML = Spatial Data Modeling Language (VRML) by Silicon Graphics
SDN = Software Distribution Network compressed file archive (pak251.exe)
SDP = IBM Storyboard PIC image
SDP = Mime: application/sdp
SDP = Mime: application/x-sdp
SDP = RealAudio Scalable Multicast
SDPC = "Cocreate SolidDesigner" Datafile
SDR = Mime: application/sounder
SDR = SmartDraw drawing
SDR = Sounder music
SDS = MIDI Sample sound (DUMP Standard File)
SDS = Mime: application/x-onlive
SDT = QuickBooks; Data
SDT = SmartDraw Template
SDTS = Spatial Data Transfer Standard (10m and 30m 7.5' DEM )
SDV = Semicolon Divided Values file
SDW = (header) files for MrSID (ESRI picture files)
SDW = Amidraw vector image
SDW = SourceSafe files in Shadow Directory
SDW = WordPro Drawing; Lotus
SDX = Sample DUMP Exchange File
SDX = sound file
SDY = Starmoney file
SE = ScopeEdit Project File
SE = Dll Directx Migrate file
SE1 = Synthedit file
SE_ = Midiprg Cakepro compressed file
SEA = Mime: application/sea
SEA = Mime: application/x-sea
SEA = Mime: application/x-stuffit
SEA = self-expanding archive
SEA = StuffIT Expander archive format (orig. Macintosh)
SEARCH-MS = SearchFolder special configuration file for application(binary format)
SEARCHCONNECTOR-MS = SearchConnectorFolder special configuration file for application(binary format) Content Type application/windows-search-connector+xml
SEAWIFS = SeaWiFS Frame Formatter (Level 0) output file format
SEC = Diskreet encrypted file
SEC = Disney Animation Studio secured animation file
SEC = Pretty Good Privacy secret key ring file
SECSTORE = AcroExch.SecStore special configuration file for application(binary format)
SECURITY = Javasoft Jre 1.3 lib security file
SED = Sed/unix doc file
SEE = Mime: application/vnd.seemail
SEF = Steganos Encrypted File
SEG = Compressed File Segment
Seg1 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) StuffIt Segment
Seg2 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) StuffIt Segment
Seg3 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) StuffIt Segment
SegN = (MAC FILE_TYPE) StuffIt Segment
SEL = PaintShop Pro Selection File
SEMI = Spartan Semi-Empirical chemical modeller input file
SEO = ScopeEdit Object File
SEP = Printer separator page
SEP = Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap image
SEQ = Atari STAD bitmap image/animation?
SEQ = Bubble Chamber Sequential Instruction File
SEQ = PowerTracks Pro Audio, by PG Music, Inc sequence files
SEQ = Sequence files of PowerTracks Pro Audio, by PG Music, Inc.
SEQ = Stad image format
SER = Mime: application/x-java-serialized-object
SER = Webalizer Lang file
SERVER = Analog file
SES = Clarion Modula-2 session info
SES = Cood Edit Session file
SESSION = Internet Security Scanner file (ISS)
SET = 1st Reader configuration
SET = File Set for MS Backup
SET = Mime: application/set
SET = SETup data or info
SET = Symphony driver sets created by Install
SETTINGS = VisualStudio.settings.9.0 special configuration file for application(binary format) PerceivedType text PerceivedType text Content Type application/xml
SEU = Serials 2000 Encrypted S2K Update
SEW = Generic : Sewing program file
SEX = Urban Chaos Game File
sEXT = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Text Template
SF = OS/2 WPS Attribute Storage
SF = IRCAM Sound File (CSound package/MixView sound sample editor)
SF = Signature instructions file
SF = WPS attribute storage (OS/2 WorkPlace Shell)
SF0 = Windows Sytem file check file
SF2 = Creative Labs Soundfont 2.0 Bank file
SF? = Bitstream Printer Font
SFA = SFA special configuration file for application(binary format) Content Type audio/sfa
SFB = HP soft font
SFC = Windows System file check file
SFCACHE = EMDFileProperties.1 special configuration file for application(binary format)
SFCACHE = RDBFileProperties.1 special configuration file for application(binary format)
SFD = SoundStage : Sound File Data
SFE = Split Files Shell Extension
SFF = Fritz!Fax document
SFF = Scene File Format
SFF = Structured Fax Format image format
SFF = Structured File Format
SFI = Bitmap; SIS Frame Grabber
SFI = Printer font (HP LaserJet landscape) (Ventura Publisher)
SFI = SIS Framegrabber image
sfil = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Sound File
SFK = Sonic Foundry SoundForge : Sound file
SFL = PCL 4 bitmap font (landscape) (Intellifont/Ventura Publisher)
SFL = Sam data files see
SFM = Dart file
SFN = SPX font
SFO = Bitstream font file - fontware format
SFP = Pcl 4 bitmap font (portrait) (Intellifont/Ventura Publisher)
SFR = Sonic Foundry Sample Resource : Sound
SFS = Pcl 5 scalable font file (Intellifont)
SFT = ChiWriter screen font
SFV = Easy SFV Creator
SFW = Seattle Film Works graphics
SFX = Self-extracting file archive script (RAR)
SG = Snap Quiktour file
SG = SnapGraphix : Image file
SG1 = Graphics (Stanford Graphics)
SGD = Lahey Blackbeard help file
SGF = Starwriter document with graphics
SGI = Silicon Graphics workstation, Irix RGB bitmap image
SGI-LPR = Mime: application/x-sgi-lpr
SGL = StarOffice Master Document
SGM = IETF SGML document (Standard Generalized Markup Language)
SGM = Mime: text/sgml
SGM = Mime: text/x-sgml
SGML = IETF SGML document (Standard Generalized Markup Language)
SGML = Mime: text/sgml
SGML = Mime: text/x-sgml
SGO = 3d Graphic generic
SGP = STATGRAPHICS Plus statistics
SGT = Save/get keyboard macro (Signature)
SGW = Snap Quiktour file
SGX = Lahey Fortran help file index
SH = Internet Program
SH = Mime: application/x-bsh
SH = Mime: application/x-sh
SH = Mime: application/x-shar
SH = Mime: text/
SH = SHell script (Unix sh or bash) (ASCII)
SH = Unix ASCII file archive created by SHAR (use unshar)
SH3 = Harvard Graphics 3.0 presentation
SHA = Mime: application/x-shar
SHADE = Rayshade ray tracer
SHAR = Mime: application/x-bsh
SHAR = Mime: application/x-shar
SHAR = SHell ARchive script (Unix)
SHB = Corel Show presentation/background
SHB = Windows Shortcut into a document
SHC = Photoshop.ShapeCurves open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Photoshop.exe" "%1"
SHD = Metatools' Bryce Support file (Materials catalogue)
SHD = W95 spool file
SHE = 2D-Medusa CAD
SHE = Windows 95 ".ShellExt"
SHELX = ShelX chemical modeller input file
SHEX = Motolora hex-format
SHF = PGP Share
SHG = "Segmented Hypergraphics" Bitmap with hot-spots, created by "SHED.EXE", compiled with "HC.EXE" (Windows help file compiler)
SHH = Automated Setup template
SHK = ShrinkIt compressed Apple II file archive
SHL = Inno Setup String Tables file
shlb = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Shared Library
SHM = SHell Macro (WordPerfect Library)
SHN = SHorteN compressed audio file, lossless format but larger than MP3
SHO = Mime: application/x-showcase
SHOW = Mime: application/x-showcase
SHOWCASE = Mime: application/x-showcase
SHP = AutoCAD shape file and source file for text fonts
SHP = ESRI shapefiles
SHP = Image Format
SHP = Printmaster icon library
SHP = SHaPe file (ESRI GIS & Mapping software)
SHR = Unix Shell Archive (ASCII) (SHAR)
SHRP = Apple IIG image
SHS = Shell Scrap Object
SHS = W95/98 Clipboard
SHT = HTML,; SHTM, SHTML; structured HTML
SHTM = Same as SHT
SHTML = Mime: magnus-internal/parsed-html
SHTML = Mime: text/html
SHTML = Mime: text/x-server-parsed-html
SHTML = Same as SHT
SHTML = SSI-HTML (SSI = Server-Side Include): dynamic HTML page
SHTML3 = Shtml file
SHV = graphic files read by Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 sewing machine (embroidery files that control stitching of the designs)
SHW = ETC theatrical lighting control consoles. stores cues, dimmer-channel patch, submaster assignments, and general settings. It can be read and edited on a PC by ETC's free software, Expression Off-Line, available at
SHW = Corel Show | Corel Presentations Show
SHW = Mime: application/presentations
SHW = Presentation; Harvard Graphics DOS 2.x Show
SHX = AutoCAD shape entities
SHX = ESRI shapefile (points)
SHZ = Ximage file
SI = Mime: text/
SI = Script Interpretor file
SI = SoftImage image
SIB = Sibelius Music File
SIC = Mime: application/vnd.wap.sic
SIC = Quicken 2002 order file
SID = C64 tunes and sound effects file (PlaySID)
SID = LizardTech MrSID image files
SID = Mime: audio/prs.sid
SID = Mime: audio/x-psid
SIF = Setup Installation File
SIF = Vector data (ISIF format)
SIG = gen. Current program settings = Signature
SIG = SIGnature file (ThunderByte AntiVirus/PopMail/PGP)
SIGN = Archive file
Sigs = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Signature Fi
SIK = Ms Word backup file (SIcherungsKopie)
SILK = Same as SLK
SILO = MeshTV : Mesh file
SILO = Mime: model/mesh
SIM = Aurora image format
SIM = Intel VTune performance monitor
SIM = SIMPLE script source (Telix)
SIMPLE = cygnus share file
SIP = Scoptrax file
SIR = Bitmap image (Solitaire file)
SIR = BYU SIR image format
SIRDS = 2d Graphic
SIS = Mime: application/vnd.symbian.install
SIS = Psion software installation file
SIT = Mime: application/x-sit
SIT = Mime: application/x-stuffit
SIT = StuffIT Expander archive format, Macintosh
SIT! = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Archive created by Stuffit (PC ext: SIT)
SIT! = (MAC FILE TYPE) Archive created by Stuffit (PC ext: SIT)
SIT5 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Stuffit 5 Archive
SITD = (MAC FILE TYPE) Archive created by Stuffit (PC ext: SIT)
SITE = Site specific file
SITEMAP = VisualStudio.sitemap.9.0 open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe" /dde PerceivedType text PerceivedType text Content Type application/xml
SITL = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Stuffit Library
SITo = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Stuffit Translator
SITv = (MAC FILE_TYPE) StuffIt Viewer
SITx = (MAC FILE_TYPE) StuffIt Expander
SIX = Bitmap image (DEC LN03+ Sixel file)
SIXEL = Bitmap image (DEC LN03+ Sixel file)
SIZ = Oracle 7 Configuration
SJ_ = Midiprg Superjam compressed file
SJF = Split Files Shell Extension
SK_ = Audio Utility Koan compressed file
SKA = file of VIRUS ska.exe / happy99.exe
SKB = QuickPOS (Point-Of-Sale) Standard Keyboard Layout File
SKC = Mime: chemical/x-mdl-isis
SKC = SKCARD SideKick for Windows
SKCard = Same as SKC
SKCARD = Starfish SideKick datafile
SKD = Autosketch file (Autodesk)
SKD = Mime: application/vnd.koan
SKD = Mime: application/x-Koan
SKD = Mime: application/x-koan
SKF = AutoSketch : Drawing file (Autodesk)
SKIN = open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe" /dde PerceivedType text PerceivedType text Content Type application/xml
SKL = Macromedia Director resource file
SKM = Mime: application/vnd.koan
SKM = Mime: application/x-Koan
SKM = Mime: application/x-koan
SKN = FileWrangler/SecurDesk!/ImageForge Graphic Skin,LV, ZipWrangler
SKN = Kinupix skin image format
SKP = Mime: application/vnd.koan
SKP = Mime: application/x-Koan
SKP = Mime: application/x-koan
SKR = PGP private (secret) keyring
SKT = Mime: application/vnd.koan
SKT = Mime: application/x-koan
SKT = Mime: application/x-Koan
SKW = SKWRITE SideKick Write or Calendar (same extension for both)
SKWrite = Same as SKW
SKY = Multiplan SYLK spreadsheet file
SKYT = SKYT packer format (music/sound)(Asle / ReDoX)
SL = 3d Graphic
SL = Mime: application/x-seelogo
SL = Mime: text/
SL = PACT's Save Layout extension
SL = S-Lang language source code file
SLB = Autodesk Autocad Slide Library
SLB = Symbols library (P-CAD)
SLC = Mime: application/vnd.wap.slc
SLC = Mime: application/x-salsa
SLC = Telix compiled SALT script
SLD = Autodesk Autocad Slide
SLD3 = (MAC FILE TYPE) Power Point 3 (PC ext: PPT)
SLD3 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PowerPoint 3/4 Slide
SLD8 = (MAC FILE TYPE) Power Point 98 (PC ext: PPT)
SLD8 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PowerPoint 98 Slide
SLDASM = Solidworks File
SLDASM = Solid Works Assembly-Document
SLDDRW = Solidworks File
SLDDWG = SolidWorks drawing 2D (Vector graphics)
SLDM = PowerPoint.SlideMacroEnabled.12 open with: %ProgramFiles%\MICROS~2\Office12\POWERPNT.EXE "%1" PerceivedType document PerceivedType document Content Type application/
SLDM = PowerPoint.SlideMacroEnabled.12 open with: %ProgramFiles%\MICROS~3\Office12\POWERPNT.EXE "%1" PerceivedType document PerceivedType document Content Type application/
SLDPRT = Solid Works Parts-Document
SLDPRT = SolidWorks drawing 3D (Vector graphics)
SLDS = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PowerPoint 2 Slide
SLDX = PowerPoint.Slide.12 open with: %ProgramFiles%\MICROS~2\Office12\POWERPNT.EXE "%1" PerceivedType document PerceivedType document Content Type application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.slide
SLDX = PowerPoint.Slide.12 open with: %ProgramFiles%\MICROS~3\Office12\POWERPNT.EXE "%1" PerceivedType document PerceivedType document Content Type application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.slide
SLF = Ntgraph Setup30 file
SLG = Chromeleon Audit Trail
SLI = MAGICorp Slide Service : Slide
SLI = Slice : used by some 3d-modeller
SLICKEDIT = Bugslayer Tracesrv file
SLIDES = Mime: application/x-showcase
SLK = Excel-Spreadsheet: Data format (Sylk Symbolic Link format)
SLK = MultiPlan -Spreadsheet: Data format (Sylk Symbolic Link format)
SLK = Timeslips Lock File
SLL = Sound data file (Generic)
SLM = Microsoft Visual FoxPro
SLN = Microsoft Mse file
SLN = MS Visual Studio .Net solution file
slnk = (MAC FILE_TYPE) System Comms
SLO = Webalizer.01 Lang file
SLP = Pro/E rendering file
SLP = Timeslips Data File
sLS3 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 3 Template
sLS4 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 4
sLS5 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 5
sLS8 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 98 Templat
SLT = Mime: application/
SLT = Selection
SLT = Telix : Salt Script Application Language script source
SLT = ZX SPECTRUM emulator
SLUPKG-MS = MSSLPUFile open with: %WinDir%\system32\rundll32.exe %WinDir%\system32\slcc.dll, OpenPackage %1 PerceivedType document PerceivedType document Content Type application/x-ms-license
SLUPKG-MS = MSSppPackageFile open with: rundll32.exe sppcc.dll, OpenPackage %1 Content Type application/x-ms-license
SLW = viFile open with: "%ProgramFiles%\ArcSoft\VideoImpression 2\vi20.exe" "%1"
SM = Samna Word text document
SM = ScriptMaker script
SM = Smalltalk language source code file
SM = SoftSpoken Mailer maillist
SM$ = Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
SM2 = Terrasoft summery table
SM3 = DataCAD Symbol File
SM_ = Midiprg Seqmax Seqprest compressed file
SMC = SmartMaster LOTUS Freelance Graphics 9x scene file
SMC = Super Nintendo Game-console ROM Image (See ZNES or SNES9x)
SMD = Mime: chemical/x-smd
SMD = SmartWare II, version 1.02
SMD = StarOffice Mail
SMD = Video game console ROM emulator file
SMDB = SteamMaker project file. Windows-based authoring tool
SMF = StarOffice Formula
SMI = CC:Mail Smart Icon
SMI = Daylight SMILES
SMI = LOTUS Smarticons
SMI = Macintosh : "Self-mounting image" : Disk Copy compressed image
SMI = Mime: application/smil
SMI = Mime: chemical/x-daylight-smiles
SMI = Mime: chemical/x-x-daylight-smiles
SMI = RealPlay SMIL File Real Player G2
SMI = SMIL multimedia
SMIL = "Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language"
SMIL = Mime: application/smil
SMIL = Text
SMILES = SMILES chemical modeller input file
SMK = Image file (Deer's Revenge)
SMK = Image file (Nascar Racing '99)
SMK = RAD Video Tools : Smacker compressed video
SMM = Ami Pro Macro (2.x,3.x)
SMN = ParaGraph's WorkScript format : Font
SMN = Samma Word : text
SMP = Ad Lib Gold Sample
SMP = Mime: application/studiom
SMP = Sample Scream Tracker Sample
SMP = Samplevision format : Sound
SMP = Ulead Photo Express
SMP = Xionics SMP image
SMS = 8-bit Sega Master System : Emulator ROM image file
SMS = MS Package Definition File (used to be .PDF)
SMT = extension used by some CAD programms used for SMT-circuit layout
SMT = HiPer-Six Memo File
SMT = IconAuthor : SmartObject file
SMT = QuickBooks
SMT = Smart Ware II : Text file
SMU = Simple Musical Score
SMV = Saved Mail Video
SMZ = Audio/Video file
SN = serial number file
SN = Sound Club editor : Compressed song file
SN_ = Midiprg Guitarws compressed file
SNA = ZX80 SPECTRUM emulator snapshot
SNAPSHOT = snapshot_auto_file open with: %SystemRoot%\system32\NOTEPAD.EXE %1
SND = AKAI MPC-series sample : Sound
SND = Amiga IFF/8SVX Sound
SND = Digitized sound file ATARI
SND = internet sound format
SND = Interplay/MusicStudio sound
SND = Mime: audio/basic
SND = Mime: audio/x-adpcm
SND = NeXT/Sun Sound
SND = Raw unsigned PCM data : Sound
SND = Resource Fork sound
SND = Software Toolworks Sound
SND = Sound Clip
SND = sound file, similar to AU
SND = Sound generic name
SND = Sounder/Soundtools sound
SND = Sun/NeXT/Tandy/Apple Macintosh : Sound file, old format
SND = Wired For Sound
SNDJ = audio modul
SNDR = Sounder sound file : Sound
SndS = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Sound Set
SNDT = Sndtool sound file : Sound
SNG = Midisoft Studio - Prism : Song (midi sound)
SNG = Song : various prgs
SNIFFER = Sniffer trace files
SNIPPET = VisualStudio.snippet.9.0 open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe" /dde Content Type application/xml
SNIPPET = VisualStudio.snippet.9.0 open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe" /dde PerceivedType text PerceivedType text Content Type application/xml
SNK = VisualStudio.snk.9.0 special configuration file for application(binary format)
SNM = Netscape Communicator : Mail, News messages
SNO = Snobol4 language source code file
SNOOP = SNOOP capture file format
SNP = Access 97 report SNaPshot file
SNP = CoffeeCup HTML Editor Snippet
SNP = ComputerEyes output video Animation
SNP = Microsoft Access : Database file
SNP = READIBM : Book-shelf for .BOO
SNP = Shapshot file (Snapview)
SNT = Microsoft vissdk Vislocalinfo file
SNT = Tonline Email sent file
SNW = Wired For Sound
SNX = QuickBooks; Data
SNX = Slide Show Image
SO = Fortran 90 shared object
SO = Shared library file (Unix)(similar to DLL)
SO3 = MP3 compressed .sou file =sound
SO_ = Midiprg Score Midiprglite compressed file
SOA = Sage MAS 90 Accounting Software File
SOB = Visual Basic
SOC = Game: Uefa champions league Logic file
SOL = MATRA prelude solids
SOL = Mime: application/solids
SOL = Solution file ,Solution eg. game walkthroughs(Common used with game examples,tutorials)
SOLITAIRESAVE-MS = MicrosoftSolitaireSaveFile open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Games\Solitaire\solitaire.exe" "%L"
SOM = Paradox : Sort information
SOM = Quattro Pro: network serial numbers
SON = Creative Labs SoundBlaster Studio II : Song file
SOR = Content Type text/plain
SORT = thoroughbred basic direct / sort file
SOU = Creative Labs SoundBlaster Studio : Sound file
SOU = Lucas Arts sound file
SOU = Sound data (sound tool)
SOU = Sound file by games(Indiana Jones
SOUP = Message / E-mail
SOW = ARJ archiv
SOX = native Unix Sox raw sound
SOX = Schema for object oriented XML
SP = Micrografx ABC Snap Graphic
SP = Spice : Data
SP = Splint/unix : Compressed file archive
SP = ZX SPECTRUM emulator source profile
SP1 = various games
SP2 = various games
SP4 = Roller Coaster Tycoon : Saved game
SPA = Flash Movie
SPADE = Snort file
SPAR = Spartan chemical modeller input file
SPAR = Spartan chemical modeller output file
SPARC = Sunos4 file
SPC = 2d Graphic
SPC = Atari compressed Spectrum file : Bitmap graphics
SPC = Galactic Industries SPC File Format
SPC = Microsoft Multiplan : Program
SPC = Mime: application/x-pkcs7-certificates
SPC = Mime: chemical/x-galactic-spc
SPC = Mime: text/x-speech
SPC = music : SNES Audio
SPC = SPC format for spectral and chromatographic data
SPC = Text to speech
SPC = WordPerfect Temp File
SPD = Seiko CD-inkprinter: Seiko Precision Designer more:
SPD = Adobe printer driver
SPD = Harvard Bitstream Typefaces
SPD = Postscript printer mini driver
SPD = Speach Data file : Sound
SPD = Speedo : Scalable Font
SPE = Princeton Instruments CCD camera : Bitmap graphics/image
SPEC = Gen. specs file
SPERE = NIST SPHERE sound files
SPF = 2d Graphic
SPF = Bitmap image ,spiff = Still Picture Interchange File Format
SPF = EnerGraphics : Slide presentation file
SPF = Setup File
SPF = Site Publisher Profile
SPG = Sprint : Glossary
SPH = POV-Ray (old vers.)
SPH = Sphere
SPI = scanned Graphics (Siemens and Philips scanner)
SPIDERSOLITAIRESAVE-MS = MicrosoftSpiderSolitaireSaveFile open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Games\SpiderSolitaire\SpiderSolitaire.exe" "%L"
SPIFF = Bitmap image , SPIFF = Still Picture Interchange File Format
SPJ = Site Publisher Project File
SPK = Acorn : Compressed file archive (Spark)
SPL = Compressed file archive created by SPLINT
SPL = Customized printer driver by Sprint
SPL = Digitrakker Sample (by n-FACTOR)
SPL = FutureSplash Animation (Internet Picture)
SPL = Macromedia Future Splash Animator : Movie
SPL = Mime: application/futuresplash
SPL = Mime: application/x-futuresplash
SPL = Personal spell dictionary
SPL = Sample file (Generic)
SPL = Signature : Personal spell dictionary
SPL = Sound
SPL = Split Files Shell Extension
SPL = Windows 3.x printing : Spool file
SPM = WordPerfect File
SPMM = Spartan Mol. Mechanics chemical modeller input file
SPN = Spanish readme
SPN = WordPerfect Distribution File
SPO = Mime: text/
SPOP = InterTrustSPOP open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -nohome %1
SPOT = Mime: text/
SPOT = SPOT satellite image file : Bitmap graphics
SPP = Serif PhotoPlus Native Format File
SPP = Sprint : Printer file
SPPACK = SPPack sound sample : Sound
SPR = Document letter PR: SPRINT
SPR = Foxpro Generated Screen Program
SPR = Lutin
SPR = many - Story Board : Sprite (graphics image)
SPR = Mime: application/x-sprite
SPR = Psion Series 3 : Spreadsheet
SPR = Sizzler : Animation
SPRITE = Acorn : Bitmap file
SPRITE = Mime: application/x-sprite
SPRITE = Sizzler : Animation
SPS = 2d Graphic
SPS = Image Atari Spectrum 512
SPS = Screen driver of Sprint
SPS = VAX/VMS : SPSS language source code file
SPS = xport .sps by sharkport
SPT = Mime: application/x-spt
SPT = MITAC disk/system management utility pack : Data support file
SPT = one part of multi-part file : Split
SPT = Spitbol language source code file
SPU = 2d Graphic
SPU = Atari compressed Spectrum bitmap image
SPW = ABC Snap Graphics workspace backup
SPW = Jandel Sigma Stat/ SigmaPlot Worksheet
SPX = Foxpro Compiler Screen Program
SPX = Screensaver (Screen Peace) (Windows)
SPY = Wintech Software Design file
SQB = SyQuest Backup
SQC = Structured Query Language (SQL) Common Code File
SQD = 3d Graphic
SQD = Misc
SQD = Squish : Squish message base
SQF = France98 football game fe file
SQI = Squish : Squish message base index
SQL = Squish : Squish message base last read pointers
SQL = Structured Query Language Data SQL
SQP = Sonique : Query result of audio search
SQR = Structured Query Language Program File (SQL)
SQW = Archive squeeze
SQZ = Squeeze : Compressed file archive unix, also msdos
SR = Netscape file
SR = Sun Rasterfile : Bitmap graphics
SR_ = Compr. Tvideo card Neu file
SRC = DataFlex/Multi-Edit souce
SRC = generally Source code file
SRC = Mime: application/x-wais-source
SRE = Motorola S-record file (undef)
SREC = Motorola S-Records
SRF = Sun Raster File : Bitmap graphics
SRF = TerraGen SuRFace MAP
SRFMAP = TerraGen SuRFace MAP
SRG = Microsoft PowerPoint : Self-registration data file
SRI = srifile special configuration file for application(binary format)
SRM = Video game console ROM emulator file
SRP = QuickLink : Script
SRQ = MS Server request file; unprocessed
SRS = Bitmap: Sun Raster File
SRS = MS Server request file; partially processed
SRT = Skymap data file
SRV = Help Maker file
srvr = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Server Connection Fil
SRZ = DataFlex : Source file
SS = Screen saver
SS = Snappy configuration file
SS = Splash : Bitmap graphics
SS0 = Transport Tycoon Deluxe preset scenario
SS1 = Transport Tycoon Deluxe preset game
SS2 = Terrasoft SAS program file
SSA = Sub Station Alpha : Video file
SSAGE = inbound internet email message : Microsoft Exchange Server
SSC = SourceSafe (source code control) configuration
SSD = Painter4 Script file
SSD = SAS/PC Datafile
SSD = Style sheet definition file
SSD01 = Unix : SAS data sets
SSF = Enable : Spreadsheet file
SSF = Mime: application/
SSF = Sound set file
SSH = DataFellows : Secure Shell document
SSH = Style Sheet for MS Internet Explorer
SSH2 = SSH Secure Shell Client
SSI = HTML with server side includes
SSI = Image SriSun
SSI = Installer/GD Software Setup Information
SSI = Mime: text/x-server-parsed-html
SSIW = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Wordperfect 4 (saved by WP for the Mac) (PC ext: WP4)
SSIW = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Wordperfect 5 (saved by WP for the Mac) (PC ext: WP5)
SSIW = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Wordperfect 1
SSK = sskfile open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Arturia\Storm 3.0 demo\storm.exe" "%1"
SSL = Borland Paradox5 file
SSL = Corel Flow Smart Library
SSL = Sessions List
SSM = Mime: application/streamingmedia
SSM = RealAudio Standard Streaming Metafile
SSP = Axialis screensaver image format
SSP = SAS Transport : Datafile
SSQ = ODBC script
SSS = Saved Game of Heart Of Darkness
SSS = Studio Session Song File Format
SST = Certificate store file Microsoft
SST = IDIDAS, SSTMAP, IMGMAP : Bitmap graphics - Satellite image data AVHRR file
SST = Mime: application/
SSV = Chartfile
SSX = Misc
ST = NeoPaint Stamp File
ST = Disk Image file (Atari)
ST = Little Smalltalk language source code file
ST = NeoPaint Stamp File
ST = Scream Tracker : Instrument library
ST0 = Spice : Status
ST1 = Spice : Status
ST2 = Spice : Status
ST3 = Spice : Status
ST4 = Bitmap Santa Barbara Instruments Astronomical Image
ST4 = Image Raw grayscale file
ST4 = Image SBIG CCD Camera ST-4 / ST-x
ST4 = Spice : Status
ST5 = Bitmap Santa Barbara Instruments Astronomical Image
ST5 = SBIG CCD camera ST-x photo
ST5 = Spice : Status
ST6 = Bitmap Santa Barbara Instruments Astronomical Image
ST6 = SBIG CCD camera ST-x photo
ST6 = Spice : Status
ST7 = Bitmap Santa Barbara Instruments Astronomical Image
ST7 = SBIG CCD camera ST-x photo
ST7 = Spice : Status
ST8 = Bitmap Santa Barbara Instruments Astronomical Image
ST8 = SBIG CCD camera ST-x photo
ST8 = Spice : Status
ST9 = SBIG Astronomical Image
ST9 = Spice : Status
STA = diverent games: saved state
STA = Eudora File
STA = Reflection 4.0 saved state
STA = Spinmaker Plus : Stack
STA = Statistica : Data file
STAK = (MAC FILE_TYPE) HyperCard Stack
STARPACK = StarTrekker pack format (music/sound) (Asle / ReDoX)
STAT = Status file
STATUS = Gen. Status file
STB = Genus Stub Library
STC = Plug-in Acrobat Exchange
STC = Terrasoft SAS data file
STD = LocoScript Standard Script File
STD = Plug-in Acrobat Exchange
STD = Prosa : State Transition Diagram graphics file
STD = SureThing CD Labeler Document
STE = CFI Shell Toys uses the extensions for encrypted files
STE = Dreamweaver uses the extension for exported FTP settings.
STEGANO = Steganographic image
STEP = ISO-10303 STEP product data
STEP = Mime: application/step
STF = ACME Table Files (winword.exe)
STF = Microsoft Setup table (many prg.)
STF = Mime: application/vnd.wt.stf
STF = ShrinkToFit : Compressed file archive
STF = Structured File
STG = PageKeeper Storage File
STI = Programming
STK = Mime: application/hyperstudio
STK = Personal Stock Monitor File
STK = Sticker Store Sticker
STL = C++ Standard Template Library
STL = CAD Software Solid Modeling/Prototyping File
STL = Claris Works data file
STL = Micrographics Designer stylesheet
STL = Mime: application/sla
STL = Mime: application/
STL = Mime: application/x-navistyle
STL = Security Certificate trust/request list.
STL = STereoLithography 3d object
STM = PhotoStudio Stamp image format
STM = Prosa : State Transition Diagram model file
STM = Scream Tracker II : Music (4 channel)
STM = short for .SHTML = HTML with SSI
STM = State Transition Diagram model file (Prosa)
StMI = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Adobe's PageMill
StMI = (MAC CREATOR CODE) GIF files created by PageMill (PC ext: GIF)
StMI = (MAC CREATOR CODE) HTML files created by PageMill (PC ext: HTM)
STN = ArcView : geocoding standardization file
STN = Microsoft Flight Simulator File
STN= Genuine Fractals STiNg file format (losslesss image codec)
STO = Genus Pascal Stub OBJ File
STOT = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Mac OS Help Index
STP = 3d Graphic
STP = ISO-10303 STEP product data
STP = Mime: application/step
STP = PageKeeper Packed Storage File
STP = Plug-in Adobe Acrobat Exchange (language)
STQ = StatSoft Software : Text file (Statistica)
STR = DataPerfect Structure File
STR = dBASE Application Generator : Structure list object file
STR = Gate3 table structure file
STR = Mime: application/
STR = Mime: audio/x-str
STR = Screensaver file
STR = Stream File Playstation Discs
STrk = (MAC FILE_TYPE) MOD Music File
STRN = (MAC FILE_TYPE) HyperCard Stack Converter
STS = MS C Project Status Info
STS = Scream Tracker : Song format
STT = Tacmi Pixia palette file
stub = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Mac OS Stub Library
STVPROJ = Assoc_SvcTraceViewer_Proj_x86_enu open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\bin\SvcTraceViewer.exe" "%1"
STW = Neopaint Stamp image format
STW = SmartTerm for Windows : Data file
STX = CA-Simply Tax : Tax form
STX = Santa Barbara Instruments Astronomical Image : Bitmap graphics
STX = SBIG CCD camera ST-x (Astronomical Image)
STX = Scream Tracker Music Interface Kit
STX = SmarText : Electronic book
STX = SPOT Image : Statistics file
STX = System/User Topic Set Descriptor BullsEye
STX = Terrasoft SAS data file
STY = gen. STYle template, library or sheet used by many text and graphics programs
STY = Micrografx Picture Publisher Print Style
STY = MS Word for DOS Style Sheet
STY = Ventura Publisher style sheet
STYLE = Html style file
STZ = Winamp.File open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Winamp\winamp.exe" "%1"
STZ = Winamp.File open with: %ProgramFiles%\VIDEOLAN\VLC\vlc.exe %1
SUB = Rational Rose component package
SUC = Softrans Hello Engines! 2.1 file
SUD = Symantec Undodata file
SUI = Suit library (Simple User Interface Toolkit)
Suit = (MAC FILE_TYPE) MacBench Test Suite
SUL = Gfa Raytrace image/tbv
SUM = SUMmary
SUMM = Clapack Blas Testing file
SUN = Bitmap image (Sun raster file format), UNIX
SUN3 = Possibly modified Sunos4 file
SUN4 = Sun Os 4 file
SUN5 = Sun Os 5 file
SUNIFF = Bitmap image (Sun TAAC Image File Format)
SUO = Visual Studio .NET user settings
SUP = Bitmap image (Startup screen)
SUP = Error Suppression for Nu-Mega Technologies, Inc. BoundsChecker
SUP = Supplemental data (spelling checker user dictionary)
SUP = WordPerfect for Win SUPplementary dictionary
SUR = Leben_jesu Bibel file
SUX = audio modul
SV = Game: roland garros tennis file
SV0 = Transport Tycoon scenario
SV1 = Transport Tycoon saved game
SV2 = Terrasoft SAS file / retrieval information
SV2 = Transport Tycoon saved 2-player game
SV4 = RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
SV4CPIO = Mime: application/x-sv4cpio
SV4CRC = Mime: application/x-sv4crc
SVC = VisualStudio.svc.9.0 open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe" /dde Content Type application/xml
SVCLOG = Assoc_SvcTraceViewer_Log_x86_enu open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\bin\SvcTraceViewer.exe" "%1"
SVD = Document autosave file (Ms Word)
SVF = Mime: image/vnd
SVF = Mime: image/vnd.svf
SVF = Mime: image/x-dwg
SVF = Vector image (Simple Vector Format used by CAD programs)
SVG = Mime: image/svg-xml
SVG = Ms Word glossary autosave file
SVG = W3C's XML based vector graphics format
SVGZ = Adobe.SVGCtl open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE" -nohome Content Type image/svg+xml
SVH = Mime: image/svh
SVH = Picture; Black Diamond Consulting (Surround Video - Animated Internet Picture)
SVM = Formula 1 car race 2001 Save file
SVP = SwiftView Command File
SVQ = Music file
SVR = Compressed virtual world for WWW
SVR = Mime: application/x-world
SVR = Mime: x-world/x-svr
SVR = SuperScape ActiveX Superscape Viscape Control
SVS = Ms Word style sheet autosave file
SVU = Adressmanager Default.dbu file
SVX = Sound (Amiga 8SVX format)
SVY = SAVVY/PC : Database file
SW = 16bit) data : Sound (Raw Signed PCM Word
SW = Audio file (signed word)
SW0 = Spice : Sweep output
SW1 = Spice : Sweep output
SW2 = Spice : Sweep output
SW3 = Spice : Sweep output
SW4 = Spice : Sweep output
SW5 = Spice : Sweep output
SW6 = Spice : Sweep output
SW7 = Spice : Sweep output
SW8 = Spice : Sweep output
SW9 = Spice : Sweep output
SWA = Macromedia Shockwave music (MPEG-1 Layer III with special header)
SWB = Photoshop file
SWD = Schoolwide Database file
sWDB = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks 3/4 Database
SWE = Nhl Ice Hockey 2002 required file
SWECOIN = Swecoin Font Format and PKT
SWF = Mime: application/x-shockwave-flash
SWF = ShockWave Flash, Animated Vector Format Internet
SWF2 = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Flash files (PC ext: SWF)
SWFL = (MAC FILE TYPE) Shockwave Flash files (PC ext: SWF)
SWFL = Mime: application/x-shockwave-flash
SWG = SWAG Pascal Snippets (SWAG Reader)
sWGR = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks 3/4 Drawing
SWI = files created by Swish (help in making Macromedia Flash files)
SWIN = (MAC FILE_TYPE) SoftWindows
SWL = Macromedia Flash Format [Alternate]
SWP = Borland Sprint document backup
SWP = Win virtual Memory Storage = Swap File
swpl = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Software Update File
sWSS = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks 3/4 Spreadsht
SWT = Visual Basic Setup Wizard Template file
SWV = Windows Sound File Format
sWWP = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks 3/4 Document
SWZ = swzfile open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Arturia\Storm 3.0 demo\storm.exe" "%1"
SXC = OpenOffice spreadsheet
SXF = SunNotes document collaboration file
SXJ = SunNotes proJect file
SXL = SunNotes Local ID file
SXM = SunNotes Master ID file
SXP = 3D Studio process file
SXW = Writer document
SY# = Darn! Backup Files
SY0 = WordExpress file
SY1 = Smartpix symbol library (Ami Pro)
SY3 = Harvard Graphics Symbol 3.x
SY_ = Korg Dw8000 compressed file
SYD = Backup file made by QEMM/SysEdit
SYK = SYLK spreadsheet format (Excel)
SYLK = SYLK spreadsheet format (Excel)
SYM = Borland C++ precompiled headers
SYM = Graphics symbols (Harvard Graphics 2.x/Ms Windows SDK)
SYM = Lotus Freelance SYMbol library
SYM = P-CAD component symbols
SYM = Program symbol table (many assembler/compilers and linkers)
SYM = Symbol (generic name)
SYN = Bitmap image (SDSC Synu image file)
SYN = Ms Word 5 synonym file
SYN = Synthetic Universe image format
SYNC = VisualStudio.Sync.9.0 special configuration file for application(binary format)
synC = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ColorSync
SYNTHESIZER = synthesizerfile open with: "%ProgramFiles%\Arturia\Storm 3.0 demo\storm.exe" "%1"
SYNU = Bitmap image (SDSC Synu image file)
SYNU = Synthetic Universe image format
SYS = Mime: video/x-mpeg-system
SYS = System file - device driver or hardware configuration info (DOS)
SYS = Windows Bitmap image format
SYS-OLD = cygwin terminfo file
SYSK = cygwin terminfo file
SYW = Graphics symbols (Harvard Graphics Win)
SYW = Yamaha SY-85/SY-99 Wave File
SYX = Modula M2sds file
SY~ = Win Coreldraw file

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